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TS-C01 is a turntable seat that combines high-function damping material and thincork sheet with smooth surface properties using the latest molding technology. In TS-C01 alone, in combination with fo.Q RS-912, or in combination with other patronize products, how to use it freely!
You can use it even if you put the cork face up or down depending on your preference.

Please use the supplied vibration damping tape (with adhesion of about 0.5 mm thickness) to adjust the vibration of your favorite cartridge, head shell, tone arm etc.

Product specifications

Size and Contents thickness 1mm turntable seat (damping sheet0.5mm+cork sheet0.5mm) 290mmφ
vibration damping tape with adhesion of about 0.5 mm thickness
(for cartridge, head shell, tone arm etc)
3mm × 50mm ─ 2 pieces
5mm × 50mm ─ 2 pieces
10mm × 50mm ─ 1 piece
15mm × 50mm ─ 1 piece

For detailed usage, please refer to the RS-912 page.



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