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This is an upgraded version of the TA-52, and is a thin, black, high-performance damping tape.
Only 0.3 mm thick, it measures approximately two-thirds the thickness of the TA-52 tape for parts and chassis, a highly acclaimed favorite among customers, and is even easier to work with.

Examples of how the TA32 is used

The tape has many other applications as well, limited only by your imagination. For example, you can attach it to walls, windows, ceilings, and the like to suppress resonance and dampen vibrations transmitted to audio racks.

Product specifications

Material polymer hybrid damping material
Size and package contents All tapes are 0.3 mm thick.
200 mm × 150 mm ─ 1 tape
200 mm × 20 mm ─ 4 tapes
200 mm × 10 mm ─ 5 tapes
200 mm × 5 mm ─ 4 tapes



Audio Rack

Speaker Stands

Audio Board


Tuning Materials

for Analog Player