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SH-22E/21E(End Of Sales)


These products are upgraded versions of the SH-22 and SH-21. Damping materials used in the SH-22E/21E have been adjusted for even more exquisite performance than in earlier models.

Placing a sheet on the speakers or underneath the system has the following amazing benefits:?
? The amount of audio information is increased, making once difficult-to-hear sounds crisply audible.
? Sound separation is clearly defined, making it possible to listen for extended periods without tiring.
? Reduces the distortion that makes listening unpleasant at high volumes, making the audio more pleasing to the ear.

Precautions on usage

Cut the sheet to the desired size using scissors or other cutting implement, then put it on speakers, amplifiers, and spacers.

Product specifications

Material polymer hybrid damping material
Size SH-22E: A5 size: 2 mm thick sheet (145 x 210 x 2 mm)
SH-21E: A4 size: 2 mm thick sheet (210 x 297 x 2 mm)
Quantity 2 pieces



Audio Rack

Speaker Stands

Audio Board


Tuning Materials

for Analog Player